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PRO CAMP™ History

TR Goodman

This comprehensive company history provides a look at how PRO CAMP™ and the PRO CAMP™ Training System came to be... giving you greater understand about why our system works... and a lot more confidence in the information and products we offer you. Enjoy the story, it's been a lifetime of work and fun.

I got in the fitness business in 1983 and started training people full-time in 1985. Back then, no one knew whether fitness would be a fad or a long-term habit for people. Just in case it was a short-lived fad, the entire industry was designed to make lots of money before consumers' interest faded.

This focus on profit rather than the welfare of consumers made me angry. But it also served as inspiration for PRO CAMP™, the company I founded in 1992 to service the long-term fitness needs of people.

To create a brand that fitness-minded people like you could trust – especially after years of dealing with companies that were out to make a quick buck – I knew that I had to establish a high level of credibility. The question was, what do I do to become credible?

Drawing Inspiration from Ferrari, Mercedes and BMW

Chris Chelios

Did you know that Mercedes, BMW, Dodge, Ford or Ferrari spend hundreds of millions of dollars developing Race Cars? Here's why: the technology they develop to make the race car win is the same technology they put in the car you buy from the dealership!

The automakers know that if their technology can produce superior performance on the race track – the most demanding driving conditions around – that same technology will work wonders under average driving conditions.

After learning this, I decided to apply the race car technology development model to the fitness industry.

In the fitness industry, the "race car" is the professional athlete. I knew that if I could develop a training system that produced consistent results for athletes – whose bodies are subjected to the greatest stress and strain, endure the most wear and tear, and have the greatest nutritional needs – that same system would produce phenomenal results for anyone else.

That's right. Everything you learn here at the PRO CAMP™ website and through our home-study courses was developed for and validated by pro athletes.

So when you look at our clients, don't just see them as athletes, see a body that is subjected to the greatest stress and strain, the most wear and tear.

Understand that if we can get results for pro athletes, we can get results for you. Whether you're a weekend warrior, amateur athlete or just dead-serious about getting fit and living pain-free … and whether your child is an aspiring pro athlete or interested in laying a good foundation for a lifetime of fitness, your body is subjected to the same types of stress and strain that professional athletes experience, just on a smaller scale.

When you apply the knowledge we developed for clients like hockey player Chris Chelios, Ray Liotta, and Gabrielle Reese to your own training, you'll maximize your results and minimize the need for trial, error and injury.

Changing the Way You Look vs. Changing the Way You Function

Throughout the 80's into the early 90's, fitness training was all about changing people's appearance.

My idea of a workout was a modified bodybuilding workout. Naturally, when I first started training athletes, I thought that if I could get them to have bigger muscles, lift heavy weights and have little body fat they would be better athletes. I had a lot of success helping athletes become bigger, stronger, and faster and look better. And my business exploded. Over a four-year period, I went from training 2 pro athletes in their off seasons to training 19.

Ray Liotta

Despite my success, three persistent problems would force me to change the way I trained people:

  1. As I increased the training intensity, clients' old injuries or weaknesses would surface. Fortunately, I did my progressions slowly and methodically, so I never had any major problems. Occasionally, old injuries caused set-backs. We'd back off the training intensity to fix the injury and lose momentum. In some cases, we had to completely change the training tactics. It was frustrating for clients, but they also couldn't afford to miss training camp because of an off-season training injury.
  2. Earning the trust of my clients, I soon found that they would count on me to get rid of old injuries or problem areas in their bodies. That was quite a predicament. I wasn't a physical therapist. But if I didn't get rid of the problem(s), clients would lose faith in me...and I would lose business.
  3. During the playing season, I would follow clients' progress. If they got injured, it ruined everything. If my clients were in the stands watching the game, it didn't matter what kind of results they got during the summer. My clients make the decision to continue to train with me based on the season they have. If they get injured, it affects their season, which in turn influences their decision to train with PRO CAMP™. (Because my clients move their entire family to L.A. to train with me, it's a MAJOR decision.) Anytime an injury surfaces – whether it's old or new – it always affects performance. And whether it was verbalized or not, if clients got injured, they felt like all their off-season training was for nothing. The bottom line? No results, no business! Today, we average 43 pro athletes a year.

Here's How This Affects YOU

The #1 most important goal of any fitness training program should be injury prevention. It doesn't matter how talented you are. If you have an injury, you can't perform to your capability. It sounds simple, but this forced me to look at training from a totally different perspective.

Training to prevent and eliminate injuries required me to look at the body differently than training for cosmetic goals. Before, all I had to do was have people hop on a machine or do some exercises, progressively do more reps or lift more weight, and I knew would make them bigger, stronger and look better.

Shifting my focus to injury prevention meant I had to think "outside the box" and develop a new approach to training. I had to develop a training process that pushed people to new levels of fitness without injuring them in the process. And if that wasn't enough, the fitness results I helped clients achieve had to last for an entire professional sports season's worth of punishment or else I was out of business.

Combining Disciplines to Achieve Optimal Fitness

The fitness industry is full of theories about how to perform exercises, when to exercise, what type of exercise is best, when to eat, what to eat, etc, etc, etc. Everyone has his or her own way of approaching fitness – and their way is the best, of course!

But I know there are advantages and disadvantages to each exercise philosophy. In fact, you can use the strengths of one to make up for the weaknesses of another.

I also knew there was only one way to achieve optimal fitness: by creating a multi-dimensional system that incorporated action plans to maximize each component of fitness: strength, nutrition, flexibility, performance/agility, and muscle tissue health.

I hired professionals from different fitness disciplines to work on each component of the fitness model. The service experience for PRO CAMPÞ clients grew from a one-on-one training relationship with me, to a staff of message therapists, nutritionists and trainers all focused on one objective: to improve the performance and longevity of our clients.

One of our first goals was developing a method to identify existing and potential problem areas. My nutritionist, soft-tissue therapists, training staff and I created a multi-dimensional Assessment process that identifies problem areas. (I cover this in more detail in the Free Mini-course "Learning What to Train" and in the "Fitness Philosophy Section.")

We discovered that pretty much everyone already has problems festering in their body, which create inefficiencies in how your body functions. If you try to increase training intensities before you solve the existing problems, you will only make the inefficiencies worse. These inefficiencies lead to a decrease in performance...and an increase in injuries.

Another way that a multi-dimensional approach to fitness training influenced the creation of the Pro Camp Process™ and benefited our clients is the crossover between nutrition and tissue repair.

When treating clients, the soft-tissue therapists could feel unhealthy tissue. When a client was not healing quickly enough, the therapist would tell the nutritionist so that the client's nutrition could be changed.

When we added the trainers to the conversation, we discovered by training with higher reps, we were able to increase blood flow to the muscles. This helped accelerate the healing process of injured areas.

Another example: the neuro-muscular therapists told the trainers that the cause of many of the problems they had to treat was repetitive movements. As a result of that conversation, we don't allow our clients to do activities they would do during the season, until the therapist can get the trauma out of their body. And when we need to, we stop or change the choice of strength training exercises, to make it easier for the therapist heal the client.

The New Approach to Fitness Training: The PRO CAMP Process™

After years of collaboration and fine-tuning, we have identified what is beneficial and proven to work and put it into a "sequence" for our clients to go through. That "process" is called The PRO CAMP Process™ -- a complete system that's been tested, proven, and producing consistent results for our clients since 1992.

The PRO CAMP Process™ is a multi-phase, multi-dimensional training system consisting of multiple phases:

  • Pillar 2 targets your internal structure.
  • Pillar 3 progresses to increasing muscular endurance.
  • Pillar 4 increases your strength.
  • Pillar 5 is performance training.

In each phase, there is an overall objective and a progressive objective. Following this progression guarantees to correct any existing problems and provide you with the foundation you need to achieve and sustain maximum fitness.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of how PRO CAMP'S history will benefit you. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for taking the time to learn about us. Remember, PRO CAMP™ holds the key to your fitness future.

T.R. Goodman, Jr.

Benefit from 20 Years of Research

Now you have the chance to discover what it really means to be fit. Learn our safe, proven, fun system for maximizing your total fitness from the comfort of your own home. After 20 solid years of research and working with the toughest segment of the fitness industry – athletes and entertainers – we’ve been able to consolidate our findings into free mini-courses, convenient home-training programs and other resources for fitness-minded individuals. You’ll discover how to modify your training regimen as you make your transition to fitness, while minimizing the chance of injury.

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